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Siobhan, this has struck a cord with me.

I live in Mitcham... Great house but awful community.

12 years of ASB from a Neighbour who we got rid of via the courts to now face new issues... ASB neighbours on the other side to us.

Wimbledon is my happy place, I grew up there mainly until 16... Now 32 I can honestly say I've lived in hope to return there (or anywhere similar.)

I live in a Housing Association house, they're like gold dust I know but I'd rather work my fingers to the bone and live somewhere that doesn't fill me with negative thoughts... Something my Mother will never understand (I live with her, she has PTSD from all of the ASB so has been effected too!) The council offered us a "management transfer" due to all the issues... They expected us to give up a stunning 2 bedroom cottage in exchange for a 2 bedroom High Rise Flat in a worse location telling us "if you're that desperate you'd accept"- we didn't (obviously).

You give me such hope, I (recently) have made a plan and you are proof that you can change any circumstance... I'm so happy you have left your unhappy place 👌🏻

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