Yes I do that too, but I've a long way to go.

Your travels sound exciting. Im a hoarder in recovery.

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May 21, 2023Liked by Siobhan Curham

Hi Siobhan, reading your musings always makes Sundays start off on a good note.

Where do you plan on travelling to next, somewhere where the skies are blue and the sun is shining I hope.

Downsizing can be a difficult thing to do as so many objects can hold good memories of people, places, good times etc.

I have no issues with what I call culling, the stuff that has little meaning or just clogs up your gears over time. The hardest things for me to cull are always books, I am a book junkie and go through books like a kid through a box of sweets.

If you are struggling to re home a book please send it my way!.

Anyways, wherever the tide of life takes you stay safe, have fun and please keep writing.

Best wishes, Darren.

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